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Accenture Interview Experience

Last updated on Oct. 10, 2021, 3:28 p.m. by sameer

Selection Process of Accenture for Associate Software Engineer/ Advanced Associate Software Engineer

In this article, I am going to share my Accenture interview experience for ‘Associate Software Engineer’ And ‘Advanced Associate Software Engineer’. I am going to give you all a brief information about every round and I will guide you all on what to expect from the interview.

The selection process consists of 4 rounds:

1. Cognitive and technical assessment

2. Coding Assessment

3. Communication Assessment

4. Virtual Interview


About the role:
Job title: Associate Software Engineer / Advanced Associate Software Engineer


Roles and Responsibility:

  • Design, build, test, assemble, support, and configure the application using business requirements
  • Understand business drivers that will impact performance and deliver software to those expectations
  • Bake technology trends into solutions; Participate in the development of automation solutions, new functionality, and technologies and integrate them into existing solutions
  • Responsible for incident resolution and support extended to customers through voice interaction/email/chat/remote support



1. Cognitive and Technical Assessment (90 Minutes)

It is an elimination round in which you will be given 90 MCQs to be solved in 90 minutes. In this there will be six sections, having questions from English ability, Critical reasoning, Abstract reasoning, Pseudo-coding, Microsoft, Network security, and cloud. There is an overall cutoff and also a sectional cutoff.

After completion of this test, you will have to wait for 2-3 minutes and you will get to know whether you passed or not.


2. Coding Assessment (45 Minutes)

Once you pass the Cognitive and Technical Assessment, you will be immediately prompted to start the coding round. It is an ‘Elimination round’ with two coding questions to be solved in 45 mins.  The questions that I received were:

  1. Write a program to find SUM of ALL integers BETWEEN two integer numbers taken as input and are divisible by 7.
  2. Write a program to take two integers m & n as input and find the number of possible sequences of length n such that each of the next elements is greater than or equal to twice of the previous element but less than or equal to m.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the questions that I received, as many of my friends got some moderately hard questions. Keep your concepts clear and you are set.

To clear this round at least one out of the two codes has to be properly compiled and executed. After this, You will get a mail “Thanks for participating in the coding round”


3. Communication Assessment (30 mins)

  • Not sure whether it was elimination or non-elimination, as some students said they got rejected. In this round, your English speaking and your confidence will be checked.
  • You will have to be in a very silent room, this did not work for me as the software was showing there was still noise, though there wasn’t any. So, I noticed it’s the computer noise. I had to disable the output speaker and had to use headphones.
  •  In the first section, you will just have to read the sentences that are displayed.
  • In the second section, they will have to be very attentive as the software will speak a sentence and you will have to repeat it as it is.
  • In the third section they will provide jumbled words and you have to form a sentence. Carefully listen to the words and arrange them properly.
  • In the last section there will be two different types of questions:

1.     The software will narrate a story for 45-60 seconds and you will have to narrate it. Keeping in mind the key details.

2.     The second question will be a personal experience for eg: How do you like to spend your holidays. You will have to speak for 45-60 minutes.


4. Interview (15 mins)

  • A link will be provided for you and you have to join the link 10 mins before the interview time. You will have to wait in the lobby. Stay calm, don't panic if the interviewer doesn’t join on time. In my case, I had to wait for 20 mins.
  • The interviewer was really nice and had a piece of in-depth knowledge and an experience of 8 years. He first introduced himself and then asked me to introduce myself.
  • After that, he went through my resume and asked me about my final year project. He went into details about my other projects too.

 Key Advice: Be thorough with your projects and your concepts.

  • Then there will be some questions about your hobbies and certifications.
  •  Did you face any interpersonal difficulties while leading any group projects?
  •  After that, he asked Do you have any questions?
  •  I asked him two questions about the job role that I had in my mind.





by sameer

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