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Buzzwords of the Tech-world

Last updated on Jan. 27, 2021, 7:21 a.m. by shivanitgb

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Want to know more about the tech-buzzwords!! Here they arrive

Discovered on a news-feed or a twitter post, on a tech-blog or wikipedia, some tech words are frequently used and what do many of them mean, remains undiscovered by us.

 So here some tech buzzwords arrive-


Artificial Intelligence(AI)

It's a myth people believe- artificial intelligence is all about robots. But it has much more to do with it.Let’s understand it in a very lucid manner.

’Artificial’ means something which is not real, original, it means it is a copy, resembling a real entity. ’Intelligence’ here basically implies human intelligence as only human is gifted with the power of responding in a way to a certain action. Combining both, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ implies the human intelligence that a machine could mimic, could execute tasks with the help of it, and respond in a customized way on a set of actions. The base of AI is formed by algorithms.

Examples: From a simple chatbot to intelligent security systems; from a simple tic-tac-toe game to high graphic games like counter-strike, AI has many big accomplishments.


Machine Learning(ML)

Many minds including me would think AI and ML are almost the same. But factually, AI is a

broader concept while machine learning is an application of AI. Precisely, a machine learns on its own without being explicitly programmed. The main focus of AI is on decision making while ML focuses on learning new things from data and experiences. It consists of creating self-learning algorithms.

Wherever you find a text to speech converter, or self-driving cars, or face/voice recognition on Facebook, locating a place on Google Maps, it is all because of nothing but Machine Learning.


Mobile First

“A less-heard in past but dominant currently” buzzword is ‘Mobile First’.

Mobile First is an approach to build websites and applications. It involves keeping in view mobile users first and then the desktop users,i.e developing the website how it would appear and respond in mobile phones and then on desktop.

This change was obvious as today mobiles have almost every single feature which is needed for say- business, industrial sectors and because of portability, people prefer mobile over desktops for many services.

Mobile First ensures the right user experience as managing much content on a small mobile screen is a challenge for the designers but ends up in the best user-friendly designs.



Blockchain is the technology with a purpose to timestamp digital documents so that no one tempers them. Imagine how it would be to transfer money, documents, property, contracts securely without involving any third party like government, banks, etc. Blockchain makes it possible.

Blockchain involves many blocks of information in a chain that are connected and once data enters a block, its difficult to modify it. Blockchain is the record-keeping technology (decentralized ledger system) behind the world’s largest digital currency-Bitcoin.

Greater transparency, increased efficiency, and better security are the impeccable benefits of blockchain technology.




“Hyper” implies extreme and “Automation” is the use of machines. Hyperautomation can be referred to as bringing together several process automation components magnifying the ability to automate work. Starting with robotic process automation (RPA), it expands with the use of artificial intelligence.

Speed and efficiency have markedly increased with hyperautomation.


Internet Of Things(IoT)

IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices, animals, people, or objects provided with unique ids(UIDS) with an ability of data transfer over a network without human-machine or human-human intervention.

Wireless inventory trackers, connected appliances, autonomous farming equipment, wearable health monitors are prominent applications.


So many buzzwords, some of them presented here enough to add up our partially filled knowledge jugs!!



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