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FinIQ Interview Experience

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FinIQ Interview Experience in detail.

Selecting criteria for the interview:

Resume collection : Formatted resume was provided by them.

There was an emphasis on maths, sports and academic grades


Round Duration (mins) Questions
1 2-3
  • Introduce Yourself
2 15
  • 3 probability questions (basic)
  • 1 puzzle (1, 2, 7, 10 min)
  • Questions related to my problem solving skills, projects
3 20
  • Questions related to my achievements (SIH). The fact that my team was able to compete against 200 odd teams nationally impressed him.
  • Why FinIQ?
  • Why should we hire a developer who doesn’t have good aptitude skills?
4 20
  • 1 SQL query
  • What is your rank in college? If whenever, you’ve come in top 10 in your college, do mention it. They want to see if you are a topper.
  • Maths = 3  calculus related questions



Questions I asked to the interviewers:

       What is a typical day at Finiq like?

       I don't play any sports, will that affect my application?

       What technologies will I be working with?

*Due to privacy reasons these questions are not as it is, but very similar.


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