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IBM interview experience

Last updated on Nov. 3, 2021, 6:10 a.m. by rugved

IBM Interview experience - Associate System Engineer


In this article, I am going to share my IBM interview experience for ‘Associate System Engineer’. I am going to walk you through every single round and tell you about what you can expect from each round.

The selection process consists of 4 rounds:

  1. Coding Test (IBM CodeKnack)
  2. Cognitive Ability (Cognify)
  3. English Language Test
  4. Interview (s)


About the role:

Job title: Associate System Engineer
Roles and Responsibility: As an Associate System Engineer you will be focusing on individual/team objectives and involve yourself in the development of professional effectiveness. In the role, you will design applications, write codes, test, debug and maintain Software Applications across various platforms and technologies.
Key Competencies: Programming (preferably in Java, Python, Node.js) & Software Development Life Cycle Concepts



1. Coding Test:

It was a coding test conducted on hackerrank platform. It consisted of only 1 question and the time allotted to complete the test was 30 minutes. In my case, the question was quite long but easy. The main part of the question was to take a hexadecimal number as input, group them into sets of 2 and reverse them. Let's understand it with the help of an example.


 01 35 72 9F
9F 72 35 01


2. Cognitive Ability (Cognify) :

It is a Revelian game-based assessment. It is basically a set of simple games and you don’t need to prepare anything specific for it. You can refer to this website to understand what kind of games are asked for in the exam. https://www.revelian.com/employer/product/cognify/.

I was asked games titled: 
Short Cuts, Resemble, Grid Lock, Tally Up, Numbubbles


3. English Language Assessment:

This is an online assessment that measures English language proficiency. The duration of this test is around 10 minutes and the question are in MCQ format. The questions were mainly based on spelling correction, word meanings, and finding grammatical errors. The important point to note is that this round had negative marking which means that you would lose marks if you tick wrong answers. The exact marking scheme of the test and related instructions will be given to you before starting the test.


4. Interview:

This was the last round and the questions asked were of easy to moderate level. The interviewer was very friendly and the questions asked were as follows:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Explain to me about your projects. (The interviewer will ask few questions about your project)
  • What creative things you did in your project? How is it better than the existing ones?
  • Some HR questions.

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