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The Indian Mysterious Temples :The Kamakhya Temple

Last updated on Sept. 30, 2023, 5:25 a.m. by riddhi

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Discover the Unknown and Mysterious temples of India! #Diary: 1/10


Diaries : 1/10



India is undoubtedly a jackpot of Traditions, culture, languages, religions and cuisines. India has been always addressed for it’s insane diversity in every single aspect. Along with all this things the main thing which make India more significant is the elegant, sophisticated, extremely unbelievable Architecture and a best examples of these are TEMPLES.


We all have visited some of the insane temples in our lives but there are some temples which we need to know about. Knowing about a temple not only gives you knowledge but it depicts ancient architecture which is extremely charming, gives you peace of SOUL, and most importantly Joints you to your roots which is extremely important for this generation.


So, I am ms. Riddhi Bapecha and today I will be covering the mysterious temples of India: Part 1. Today you will get to know about ‘THE GREAT KAMAKHYA TEMPLE’ of the mother goddess ‘Shakti’ to be more précised ‘Mata Kamakhya’.



Kamakhya  temple is located in Guwahati, Assam. Kamakhya Devi Temple is one of the most important temples of Hindu Dharma.Every year lakhs of devotees from various part of India visit the temple. This temple is considered as one of the oldest Shaktipeeth of India.


 After Devi Sati was insulted at her father’s house,due to extreme guilt and pain she had jumped into the Yagya Kund and has herself taken her life. At that time the Almighty god ‘Shiva’ became extremely despaired. He held Mata’s burnt body and started roaming and taking rounds of the whole Brahmand. At that time he was forgetting his Karma or work. Therefore, Shri Vishnu bhagwan took out his Sudharshan Chakra and 51 pieces of Mata’s holy body. Out of these 51 parts, the Yoni fell here and so a holy Shaktipeeth was formed.   


Near the temple A river named Brahmaputra flows, every year in the month of June this river’s water becomes red for 3 days, these 3 days are considered as the days of Mata’s -‘Maasik chakra’ or  ‘Menstruation days’. For celebrating these 3 days a Mela is set up called ‘Amubachi’. After 3 days mata’s idol is bathed and worshipping or pooja is done and then gate of temple are opened for the devotees. During these 3 days no men except the Sanyasis  or Priests are allowed to enter the premises of the temple.


Many Scientific theories state that the soil near the river and ocean floor contains high amount of mineral Iron and it reacts with water and it imparts red colour to water. But it’s a matter of thought that even if we consider the scientific theory, the water should become red every day but it is only after a certain period and in the same month after looking at these things even the scientific theory becomes contradictory.


This temple is also famous for ‘Tantra Vidya’ or ‘Tantrism’. Here 10 ‘Maha vidhya’  are there, which are considered as the highest in ‘ Tantrik tradition’. These 10 ‘Maha vidhyas’ are considered the 10 ‘rupas’ of mata. During Amubachi mela many ‘Tantriks’ also come here these tantriks  are free from the worldly desires and Mohmaya. But, as every coin has two sides just like that these Tantrik Vidhyas are used for good means as well as cruel and inhuman practices.


   The Kamakhya temple also holds puja for repelling dark spirits and ghosts. Also, the during the Amubuchi mela , thousands of Tantrick visit the temple and join ther puja, as it’s High energy emitting.Puja makes one feel better,powerful and creates a totally different peaceful and energized atmosphere.


The stones obtained from this temple are referred as ‘Kamiya sindoor’. It is considered that these stones have the power to control people’s mind. Therefore, these stones are also called as ‘Vashikaran Sindoor’.


Just like invasions and some natural calamities on different Indian temples, this temple has also seen and faced many invasions and some natural calamities.

One of the main invasion was by The Kalapahar. In 16th century, a Muslim general collapsed the temple, After all such invasions the temple was reconstructed .In reconstructing the temple and protecting the rituals of the temple, there was a great contribution of ‘THE AHOM DYNASTY’. The Ahom kingdom has ruled Assam for several 100yrs.


But the invasions and destructions didn’t end here. During the British rule also the temple was harmed. Britishers always wanted that the rituals of all the temples and affairs of temple should go as per their rules and wishes.


Just like the Kamakhya temple there are hundreds of such temple which are still unknown and undiscovered to people.We all should collect information about our ancient culture and atleast should have basic knowledge of our culture’s ritual. So that no one can object our rituals and even if someone does it we are able to answer it. The main reason behind the ‘interchanging of castes’ is that we do not know about our culture and so we become easy to influence against our culture. So, no matter to whichever caste or religion you belong to, you should always know YOUR ROOTS!    


Do not worry! On our website’ Gyanibuddy’ you can get relevant,easy to understand news. We are launching ‘The Diaries of Mysterious temples of India’ and by reading these diaries you will be acquinted about your religion and next time you will also have something known to tell about your Country’s religion and culture !Which will make you feel self-satisfied


by riddhi

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